Seravia distills the knowledge of legal, tax, and accounting experts into intelligent software that lets you create and grow your business. Whether you are starting a company, licensing a brand, or going international, you design the solutions. What once required hours of research and expensive consultants now takes minutes.


From incorporation to accounting, starting and operating a company can be complex. Seravia is designed to be the simplest and smartest way to manage this complexity. Our software handles the calculations and filings so you can focus on growing your business.

Designed For Everyone

Seravia doesn’t just streamline the paperwork, filings and regulations — we make it easier to understand what they mean. We strip away the legal jargon and show how these concepts affect you. You do not need to be an expert yourself, but you will feel like one.

Always Up To Date

Our engineers work daily with legal, tax, and accounting experts to turn their knowledge into software. This means that Seravia is getting more comprehensive and more intelligent all the time. As taxes change or laws are passed, you see the impact of these changes on your business immediately. You never have to worry if you have missed something important — Seravia will let you know.

Safe and Reliable

Seravia is the safest way to manage your corporate documents. Whether it’s a clumsy temp or an office accident, paper records can be comprised and destroyed. Seravia uses digital signatures and contracts stored on a highly-secure infrastructure, which is backed up regularly. Our simple permissions model makes it easy to manage who can view and edit your data. Consider Seravia your virtual vault.

Built From Experience

Because our team and investors are located around the world, we could not find easy answers to our questions about stock, structures, taxes, intellectual property, filings, and fees. Research and contracts were taking up all our time. We brought in experts to deal with this complexity and we paid a lot to do it. We know there is a simpler way: we are building it.

Open for Business

We support many US jurisdictions today and we are adding new ones each week. If Seravia does not yet support your jurisdiction, we are still happy to work with you to solve your problems. This is part of the way we improve and extend our software. Contact us if you are interested in being a beta customer.