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Incline Apple Et Al.

United States Copyright Filing #VA0001746996

Basic Data
Full Title
Incline Apple et al.
Type of Work
Visual Material
Copyright Number
Filing Date
Nov 11, 2010
Electronic file (eService)
Date of Creation
Date of Publication
People and Companies
Copyright Claimant
Maharam Fabric Corp. Address: 45 Rasons Court, Hauppauge, NY, 11788, United States.
Authorship on Application
Maharam Fabric Corp., employer for hire; Domicile: United States; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: 2-D artwork.
Rights and Permissions
Annette Schaich, Maharam Fabric Corp., 251 Park Avenue South, New York, NY, 10010, United States, (212) 614-2988, [email protected]
Associated Names
Maharam Fabric Corp.