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Tweet Tweet (twitter Luv), Et Al.

United States Copyright Filing #SRu000928342

Basic Data
Full Title
Tweet Tweet (Twitter Luv), et al.
Type of Work
Sound Recording and Music
Copyright Number
Filing Date
Mar 31, 2010
18 Electronic files (eService)
Date of Creation
People and Companies
Copyright Claimant
Jonavan Barnes. Address: 4075 RIVERSIDE PKWY, DECATUR, GA, 30034.
Authorship on Application
Jonavan Barnes, 1980- d.b.a. J5; Domicile: United States; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: sound recording, lyrics.
Rights and Permissions
Jonavan Barnes, 4075 RIVERSIDE PKWY, DECATUR, GA, 30034, (404) 732-4444, (404) 732-4810, [email protected]
Associated Names
Barnes, Jonavan
Barnes, Jonavan, 1980-