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From 2009 - 2011 we hosted the largest free government filing search engine in the world. These filings included intellectual property, company registrations, securities, campaign financing and totaled over 300 million documents revealing over 1 billion entities and relationships.

Going forward we will provide this data through an Application Programming Interface (API). These APIs enable app developers and data providers around the world to use our data and clustering technologies to enhance their offerings. Our Data APIs are currently under development and will be launched gradually to the public over the next few months. They fall into five categories:

Person API
Company API
Technology API
Brand API
Filing API

If you are interested in advance access, please contact us at [email protected]. If you are interested in the technology behind these and the search engine see our case study “A Data Supply Chain”.


We investigate and acquire datasets from around the world using automated data retrieval and "deep web" crawling methods.


Our analysts use our existing library of proprietary ETL tools to return clean and structured data in any format your business requires.


Raw data is rarely good enough by itself. We use advanced natural language and machine learning methods to extract entities, from people to addresses, so you can find information, not just data.


At over 200 million records, 1 billion entities and relationships and 88 countries, our existing dataset of companies, people, intellectual property, legal and financial filings make for powerful supplements to your existing data.


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