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At over 200 million documents our existing dataset of companies, people, intellectual property, legal and financial filings is one of the largest in the world. We are continually adding new datatypes and existing datatypes are updated automatically as often as daily.

Using the open-source Pentaho platform and the extensions that we have developed, our data analysts have converted from the proprietary datasource schemas to universal schemas. Each filing is stamped with a unique id, dates and currencies are standardized, duplicates are removed, and proprietary values are mapped to shared ones.

We are now making these filings available for use in other applications or data research projects through an easy-to-use Filing API.

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  3. Response
  4. Examples
  5. Datasources
  6. Obtaining a Key


Suppose you are interested in using the names and abstracts of patents in your analysis. Conveniently, Google and the USPTO have teamed up to provide the US data in bulk format. The rest of the world’s patents are available through other methods but there is not a standardized schema that normalizes across these jurisdictions without both errors of duplication and loss of data.

Using the Filing API you can submit a reference number, datatype and jurisdiction and receive the associated filing in a standard and normalized schema.


All of the Data APIs are RESTful and return JSON.


Each Data API uses our company domain and a dedicated “api” subdomain:


Our Data APIs will roll out gradually and the semantics are likely to change as we add features and increase the datatypes we support. For this reason all current requests should use the “v1″ prefix:


The Person API uses a single action called “people”. This will return aliases, related companies, skills and publications for a single person.


id Required This is the unique record identifier provided by the datasource provider. For instance, to access the US patent for “Dog shaped hair dryer”, provide the application number: D646021
type Required This is the type of filing you are looking for. Types currently supported include: “patent”, “trademark”, “copyright”, “sos” (company registrations), “f345″ (SEC Form 345), “formd” (SEC Form D), “flc” (Foreign Worker Visa Applications) and “fec” (Campaign Donations)
region Required This is the country code for the datasource.
key Required Each application requires a key. Check here for details on getting a key.

Note: parameters must be URL encoded, including replacing blank spaces with %20. D646021&type=patent&region=US&api_key=XYZ

See the Examples sections for variations.


The Filings API returns a normalized JSON for the type of document request. A typical response looks like:

JSON samples for 10+ datatypes coming soon!


  1. D646021&type=patent&region=US


In the first version this information comes from across all record types.

Obtaining a Key

If you are interested in advance access, please contact us at part[email protected].


We investigate and acquire datasets from around the world using automated data retrieval and "deep web" crawling methods.


Our analysts use our existing library of proprietary ETL tools to return clean and structured data in any format your business requires.


Raw data is rarely good enough by itself. We use advanced natural language and machine learning methods to extract entities, from people to addresses, so you can find information, not just data.


At over 200 million records, 1 billion entities and relationships and 88 countries, our existing dataset of companies, people, intellectual property, legal and financial filings make for powerful supplements to your existing data.


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