The Seravia team is a collection of experts in tax, law, and artificial intelligence who collectively want to make it easier for people to build a company around their ideas. We were founded by a Googler, a banker and a Computer Science PhD and we are constantly looking for creative minds worldwide who are ready to change the way business is done.

Thomas Escobar, CEO

Only a handful of people in the world can claim to have a background ideally suited to solve the problems of international regulation with technology. Thomas is one of them. Prior to founding Seravia, Thomas was a Product Manager at Google, Inc., where he led the development of software to manage Google’s global sales and operations during its hypergrowth phase. His teams applied Google technologies to the problems of international billing, corporate compliance and large-scale data warehousing. Thomas holds an MBA from INSEAD and is a magna cum laude graduate of Tufts University.

Casper Johansen, CFO & COO

Casper carries the dual-role of CFO and COO, which matches the double-life he has lived. In one life, Casper has been a Goldman Sachs Executive Director, a valedictorian 1st Lieutenant in the Royal Danish Air Force and a magna cum laude dual-degree law student. In the other, he has been an entrepreneur, angel investor and polyglot. Casper obsesses over legal minutiae, financial modeling and building scalable organizations. He has travelled the world and worked all over Europe and Asia. He balances all this through the love of his wife and his daughter.

Danny Yang, PhD, CTO

Danny is the brains behind the brains of Seravia and looks forward to the day when his formidable neocortex won’t need his fingers to access the internet. His life trajectory has put him on an inexorable path to becoming a Neal Stephenson character: high school valedictorian, chemistry and physics magna cum laude graduate of Harvard, Stanford PhD in Computer Science, computer vision expert and lock-picking hacker. He lacks only a Katana sword. Previously, Danny was an early employee at the startup, where he created algorithms from head (face detection) to foot (shoe similarity) and reverse engineered search rankings.