Big Data Specialists

The era of Big Data promises a world where trends are easy to spot and every decision is data-driven.

Until we get to that world, we have to live in today’s world: bad data is everywhere, good data is expensive and getting answers from data is hard.

At Seravia we automate the collection, cleansing and connecting of data so that our clients can work with qualified and rich datasets. We use highly-scalable search and machine learning methods to simplify analyses and provide richer results. We give developers the ability to connect our data to theirs so they can discover new insights.

Currently we work with select partners to provide data or perform custom investigations. We have helped data providers, hedge funds, journalists and recruiters to:

  • Track the growth of drug development by pharmaceutical firms;
  • Investigate military technology development by developing countries;
  • Monitor progress of early-stage technologies as they become commercially viable;
  • Model the probability of anticipated future releases by a consumer electronics firm;
  • Source qualified professionals and scientists for recruitment;
  • Discover corporate subsidiary and management relationships;
  • Build brand risk assessments for Fortune 500 firms.

For more information contact Seravia - [email protected].