Data Products

We offer our clients and partner companies plug-and-play datasets, which include both the raw filings as well as specific extracted data types.

Filing Datasets

Our Filing Datasets represent the end product of crawling, acquiring, and cleansing billions of pieces of raw unstructured business data. A Filing Dataset is normalized, de-duplicated, and structured according to a uniform schema.

We offer an ever growing and varied international portfolio of Filing Datasets, including patent registrations and transfers, trademark registrations, campaign finance transactions, foreign employee salary disclosures, and government contracts and grants.

Dozens of Filing Dataset types can be mixed and matched to meet the specific data needs of partners and clients. Our Data Services can add further enrichment, linking and analysis to the data if required.

To learn more about the details of our Filing Datasets, please refer to our Data Library.

Extracted Datasets

Extracted Datasets consist of data which has been extracted from Filing Datasets and subjected to Seravia’s proprietary data mining and clustering processes, machine learning algorithms, and intelligent filters. The resulting Extracted Datasets expose connections, networks, and trends that are otherwise difficult to find.

Extracted Datasets are focused in the following areas:


Public companies are required to disclose a lot of information in securities filings, but getting a detailed picture of their non-financial workings is still tough. For private companies, it’s even harder. To solve these transparency issues, we mine a wide range of business data to discover things like the subsidiary relationships, brands, technologies, employees, political affiliations and partners of both public and private companies.


While social and business network sites provide profiles of individuals, they are inherently subjective. Furthermore, they are often weak in revealing business relationships. By mining our database of over 20 million people, we not only provide objective, unbiased profiles of prolific inventors and prized professionals, but also reveal valuable business relationships that others would have difficulties finding.


Keeping up with the thousands of new inventions registered every day requires monitoring hundreds of sources. Finding relevant information requires a detailed understanding of outdated ontologies. We use real-time updates, natural language processing and dynamic ontologies to perform targeted analysis and monitoring of technology development and trends. We link this information to our company and people database to reveal the people and companies that drive a particular technology.


Brands are increasingly international, permeate numerous products and services, and are deployed through an broad array of platforms - all of which renders tracking a particular brand a daunting task. We use our trademark database, cross-referenced with other data types, to create an automated global brand tracking system that is able to find corporate affiliations and potential brand conflicts that manual or less expansive monitoring tools might miss.

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