Data Services

We use our software to provide clients and partner companies with custom data processing and analysis. We specialize in the following data services:

Data Sourcing

Given a target datasource or list of business requirements, our researchers will investigate, identify and acquire data from bulk data providers or websites. Our custom web crawling infrastructure will crawl “deep web” websites and return structured data in any format your business requires.

Data Cleansing

Our library of proprietary Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) tools include advanced natural language and machine learning methods that can handle misspellings, aliases and clustering of unstructured data. These tools enable us to normalize, de-duplicate and convert your raw data into clean information that your business can rely on.

Data Verification

Our researchers, automated data test suites, and existing database of over 1 billion entities help quantify reliability issues in your data before they become a problem.

Data Monitoring

Our data supply chain runs 24/7, providing daily updates to data. Whether you need immediate access to all changes or alerts on specific events, we can monitor datasets on your behalf.

Data Enrichment

At over 200 million records, 1 billion entities and relationships and 88 countries, our existing dataset of companies, people, intellectual property, legal and financial filings make for powerful supplements to your existing data. For more information, see our Data Library.

Data Analysis

Our large-scale Hadoop, Hive and Mahout environment allows us to perform complex analyses on large datasets. Common analyses on companies, people, brands, industries and technology trends answer questions such as: What risks are they to me? What are the dominant trends? Who are the key people and companies driving them?

Data Compilation

With over 40 million names and 20 million addresses we are able to create business-specific lead and mailing lists. Our data tools allow us to easily design a list that is customized to your industry, geographic and other business requirements.

For more information contact Seravia - [email protected].