Available Filing Types

At over 200 million filings, 1 billion entities and relationships and 88 countries, our existing dataset of companies, people, intellectual property, legal and financial filings includes:


With over 26 million company registration filings from 30+ jurisdictions, we have one of the largest business registry databases in the world. Each filing gives access to official company names, addresses, registered agents and, in some jurisdictions, managerial and financial information.

Insider Share Transactions

The SEC requires all significant shareholders in a public company to disclose each stock transaction. These transactions disclose the number of shares, sales price, total holdings and other information that can inform you on a company or personʼs activities.


We mine SEC filings going back to 2000 to capture the key relationships that link the company to other entities, via prior names, subsidiaries, and disclosed relations.


Qualifying private companies may raise funds by filing Form D with the SEC. Form D contains details about the funding round, including funding time frame, amount raised, and the companyʼs officers and directors.

Secured Transactions

When a merchant makes a deal and guarantees it, that guarantee is registered with the state and made public. These filings are a rich resource for learning more about a specific business, including locations, parties, assets and recent transactions.


We source over 55 million patent filings from 88 countries giving you access to a repository of existing and emerging technologies from around the world. Each filing comes with detailed information on the inventors, owners, industry, ownership history and other related patents.


Our database includes over 8 million trademarks across 3 continents, including all trademarks filed within the United States. With details on owners, industries, locations and images you can track brands both before and after products launch.

Product Recalls

Cars, drugs, electronics, and hundreds of household brands occasionally contain defects that warrant a recall. When a company decides to issue a recall, a wealth of information about the product is disclosed, including who manufactures it, where it’s sold, who distributes it, the dangers associated with the defect, and how many units are affected.


Governments around the world regulate specific industries and often disclose details on those companies that have been permitted to operate. Our permits database covers a wide variety of products, from medical devices to genetically engineered food. These filings can be used to track companies and technologies in some of the most important industries in the world.


When a US employer applies for a foreign worker visa the details are made public by the Foreign Labor Certification agency. These 4 million filings give specific details on job type, duration, location and compensation at both public and private companies.


Both Federal and State courts publish summaries of lawsuits. This rich dataset of over 100 million filings captures the time, place and parties involved - including plaintiffs, defendants, attorneys and judges - as well as a thorough description of the nature of the case.

Political Connections

The Federal Election Committee provides daily updates on the fundraising activities of all politicians and political groups. Whether you are interested in the candidates or the people and companies that fund them you can track who gave what to whom and when across 30 million filings.

Government Contracts

The US government has published over a decadeʼs worth of government contracts with private sector companies, listing the job, payments made, agency responsible and a host of other information. We have them all.

Tax Exemption

The IRS publishes the details of any organization that qualifies for tax exempt status. These filings provide details of the business, locations and assets as well as the people associated with the organization.

Creative Works

With access to over 20 million US copyrights you can track literary, visual and sound creative works by owner, category and description.

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